Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self-Forgiveness: Money as Me – Part 4

Continuing with the Process of Self-Forgiveness of/as Walking Money as Me:

Self-Forgiveness: Manifestation of Money as Me – Part 4

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be possessed within and as the Money-System by and of Money to such an extent, that I have harnessed this possession as-myself through making  myself believe that this is the ordinary accepted way of the world, the way of humanity, the way of me within society, wherein – all that is considered within this belief, this accepted-ordinariness of the way of the world of money, is myself, my world that extend only to my immediate concerns and considerations which is what I can see and feel in my physical-environment and reality alone, thinking/believing that this is ‘all there is’ – having no cognisance or reference of the pain and suffering that so many endure in this world I share with them in every moment that I breathe, due to the same money-system I so unashamedly and bombastically live-from.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be possessed within and as the Mind by and of Energy to such an extent, that I have harnessed this possession as-myself through making myself believe that this is the ordinary accepted way of existing as a human-being, within thoughts, reactions an automated actions, split into multiple-selves with not an inch of concern or regard for anything or anyone else but this I that is within of M“I”nd that is Mine, as my-Possession, Possessed - alone within-me as and of the Mind, indulging in my doses of energy, awaiting the next opportunity to feed myself with the greed of self-entitled indulgence as the next fix of addiction as the momentary rush of satisfaction as energy I experience as I control my world/reality for my own interests/purposes – the luxury I have, to only be concerned with my next Energy-fix; when in every moment that I breathe, human beings suffer in the painful silence that is hunger, as they hunger for the next substance that will feed their physical-bodies with the nutrition it require to sustain its existence; but I’m too busy getting my next fill of energy, possessed with the drug of energy of Mind and Money of the World, to see, realise and understand through the veil of ignorance and arrogance = that for me to experience that moment of energy for/of my M“I”nd’s survival; the false-survival – real human beings experience real survival, as they physically fight and strive for the next meal to feed them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be possessed with and as Money and Energy within the Money-System and Mind to such an extent, that I cannot even fathom the experience of what it is to physically-suffer in each and every breath with and as the absolute consuming all-encompassing dread of hunger, being the living-dead – experiencing every single moment the scream and cry of the physical-flesh tearing and stretching as it starts to feed off-of itself in an attempt to balance out its survival in first ensuring the primary organs remain functioning, while the rest of the body starts decaying, until finally the organs collapse and fall and the last breath is breathed in absolute helplessness and powerlessness, a moment of letting go from the hope that was held-onto for just that bit of sustenance to keep on going for just one more breath as the beings die a death at the outskirts of the world-system of the money-system as money, that die such a death – because I have accepted and allowed myself to take, take, take and have, have, have – all the takings and the having’s, creating an imbalance within a internal and external world that functioned within a system of polarity, where – for me to have, other’s won’t have, for me to gain, others’ lose and so; I am responsible – equally responsible with and as all, for the existing determining factor that is in control of life and death in this world as Money and the manifested-consequence it create in this world as the have’s and have not’s and everything else in-between. And for it all to change – I must change how I live, who I am within and what I accept and allow without; the only change that will stand eternal as what’s best for all is an equal Money system where all will have equally as one in this world, with no polarities that require balancing-out and a change within as becoming a living physical being, no more existing of a Mind within energy in constant polarity requiring balance – to stop the current existing equation of win/lose and gain/loss to exist within a system of equality within which all are one and all of the opportunity for a dignified life of physical-living that is real, so creating and manifesting a Real-World.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe, and harness this belief into and as a reality that I have superimposed onto and within the real physical-reality – that this world of me within as Mind of Energy and world without as World-System of Money, with all the internal and external manifestations and experiences to be REAL. That it is worlds that is acceptable and normal as each and all simply go about their lives in their internal-bubbles of I-Possession as ownership of what is ‘Mine’ as M“I”nd, internally and Mon(Me)y, externally - that define the I of ‘who I am’ as self – creating through Energy and Money a life we exist-within, function-through and maintain with energy and money as though is it real; when – it can all fall, disappear = vanish, the Moment the energy as money stop; because – as money stop, without – energy stop within, and we become empty, listless, depressed nothingness as we’re excluded and thrown out of the world-system, the money-system of money that has fed and sustained the feeding of self’s power as energy within to circulate the cycles of a world/reality without; creating the illusionary, false mirage of a life, a world that is made to be real through money and energy, externally and internally = not in fact real. And so I have accepted and allowed myself to fight for and with a world that is but a mirage of belief generated through energy within and maintained through money without; possessed within a state of survival as fear, as the fear  the energy that ensures the production of energy within for the creation of the mirage as Mind, and the survival as money without to ensure the maintenance of the mirage without as Money-System. The Illusion I have become, internally and externally – trapped and enslaved into my own creation of energy and money, seeing only what I have accepted and allowed myself to create of me in separation; and within and as this accepted and allowed state – while I am accepting and allowing myself to be possessed within my possessions internally and externally; countless lives are lost and constantly facing the suffering of deprivation from the very system internally and externally that is fuelling my paradise Island on the land of “I” of “M“I”nd that is mine as my-world within and my-world without.  

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that this world as it exist, internally and externally as I have accepted and allowed myself to create it through, as and by the generation of and as energy and money – is real. That I have accepted and allowed myself to define real through and as acceptance, that – because I accepted it through living it as me, it is and must be real; not realising that – me being and becoming this living definition of real as what I accept as living-conditions for/of me internally as Mind and externally as the Money-System, that I am supporting the manifested-existence of Mind as Energy and the World-System of Money into reality with and as everything and everyone else existing in-it with and as me as such an living-acceptance of who we are and how we live, that together – we are, through our acceptances - creating and manifesting the existence of Mind of Energy and World system of Money into reality and the manifested-consequence that is created from and of it as the current state of the individual human being and humanity as a whole. That, the real reality of the situation is: We’re not seeing the reality of what is manifesting in the REAL physical-world as the manifested-consequence self as Mind of energy, within and within the World System of Money without is in fact creating and manifesting as the abuse of humanity and the earth, with nature and the animal-kingdom.

We’ll continue within the next parts of walking Money as Me – walking the points of the direct-relationships of/as self-responsibility for/of the manifested consequence we exist within and face within and as our accepted and allowed existence as living-definition of Mind/Energy, within - and World-System/Money, without.


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